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Professional Hearing Tests For Young & Old

There are many reasons that people might need a hearing test, often depending on the age when the testing is …

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Hearing Aids Qualified Advice and Sales

Hearing Aids need to be prescribed and fitted by a qualified Audiologist as they are specialty clinical devices that require…

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Ear Protection - Water And Noise

A variety of earplugs and hearing protection devices are available. The selection of devices depends on the purpose of …

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Industrial Hearing Screening

Industrial Hearing Screening

There are two general types of hearing assessments arranged for individuals by their employers. Hearing screening is required in a variety …

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Wangaratta Audiology – Hearing Clinic Services We Provide

Hearing Tests
Full diagnostic services for clients from 1 week old to 103 years old Procedures include:

  • tympanometry, conventional audiometry, speech discrimination testing
  • audiometry for young children, including play audiometry and VRA
  • hearing loss rehabilitation
  • tinnitus counselling
Hearing Services
  • hearing aid provision for pensioners and eligible DVA clients under the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program
  • the only permanent OHS provider in Wangaratta
Hearing Aid Advice & Sales
  • advice on the most appropriate amplification for you and your situation
  • hearing aids sales and service
  • technically advanced and discrete devices
  • assistive listening devices
  • OPEN DAYS – several times each year we offer our clients, existing and new, the opportunity to visit and trail a wide range of the most recent hearing instruments with absolutely NO obligation.  Check this website for advanced notice and call the clinic 9-5 weekdays for a booking.
Industrial Hearing Screening
  • industrial
  • pre-employment
  • “follow up” testing
Hearing Protection
  • industry and recreational hearing conservation
  • earmuffs specifically designed for children
  • musician’s earplugs
  • shooter’s hearing protection
  • earplugs for water protection
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Diana Bienvenu Managing Director Wangaratta Audiology

“Clients who receive hearing services in this clinic are entitled to a high-quality, professional, compassionate, confidential service, regardless of source of referral or funding arrangements.”
Wangaratta Audiology Mission Statement

 Fred & Diana Bienvenu

Wangaratta’s Leading Hearing Clinic

 If you are looking for a hearing clinic that offers quality hearing aids you can afford or reliable expert hearing tests, you have come to the right place.

The loss of hearing need not be a worry.

For over 35 years, the people of Wangaratta Audiology Hearing Clinic have provided expert advice, guidance and ongoing support to help clients overcome their hearing difficulties or hearing loss.

The Wangaratta Audiology team of professionally trained and extensively qualified audiologists offer full diagnostic services for clients of all ages, hearing protection sales and consultation, hearing aid advice and sales as well as industrial hearing screening for local business.

The expertise of our audiologists and their decades of experience has made Wangaratta Audiology the preferred choice of customers for hearing tests and digital hearing aids in north east Victoria.

Browse through the website to see our comprehensive range of services or get in contact with us today for an appointment or an enquiry.

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 Diana Bienvenu

MA(Audiology), MAudA(CCP)