Water and Hearing aids

Newer hearing aids (no more than two years old) are much more water and dust resistant than previous models. BUT please remember they are not yet waterproof!

Hearing delays can be costly!

People delay important things The average person waits about seven years to get hearing aids after hearing loss is first diagnosed The average age of first time hearing aid wearers is 63 years. One in six people has a hearing loss Avoiding wearing your hearing aids...

Passive smoking affects Hearing

Recent research has shown links between passive smoking and hearing loss. The extension of this logic suggests the link between smokers and hearing loss too!  

What causes hearing loss?

The most common two types of hearing loss are: Conductive Hearing Loss Is when sounds are no longer able to pass freely to the inner ear. This can be due to a blockage of a foreign object in the ear or even earwax. Medical conditions like an ear infection, or ruptured...